When not spending time in Ireland, Barb lives on the coast of Maine, two of the most beautiful places in the world.  Barb has worn many hats in her life, including working in non-profit arts with theater, music and visual arts.  She has served as executive director of a community theater, a film festival and was the ED, artistic director and development director of a performing arts center. This brought her in contact with musicians from all over the world, and as a result, also led her to the world of Inishfree Tours and Ireland. She knows most of the tour leaders very well, and sees them throughout the year at music events and conferences. She currently works as a tour liaison for Inishfree Tours, and also independently represents several Irish musicians in the U.S.  This will be the third tour she will lead for Inishfree, something she truly loves doing along with the liaison work.  Barb has nearly 20 tours under her belt in the last eight years, and makes her home in County Clare during the summer months.  Her great-great grandfather and grandmother were from County Mayo, and a DNA test revealed she is 57% Irish.  Piano lessons as a child, self-taught guitar and ukulele don’t technically make her a musician………her favourite instrument is her voice, and sometimes she shares it.

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