Tom Kimmel and Kenneth Robinson have been fast friends for 30 years, and they are very excited to be joining forces for a special tour in 2020! Here’s a short bio for each of them.

Tom Kimmel
Singer, songwriter, entertainer and poet, Tom Kimmel is all of these things and more.

Since 1980 dozens of Tom’s songs have been recorded by a wide range of major artists, including Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Joe Cocker, and Randy Travis. They’ve been featured in films from Twins to Runaway Bride, and in TV shows from Captain Kangaroo to Touched By An Angel.
An award winning artist in his own right, Tom has released seven solo albums, published a book of poems and led songwriting workshops and retreats around the country and in Europe.
Tom began hosting Inishfree Tours in 2011 and relishes every opportunity to share his great love for Ireland with friends, fans and family.

Kenneth Robinson

Kenneth Robinson is a psychotherapist in private practice in Nashville, Tennessee.  His practice brings together art, psychology, and spirituality as a means to facilitate emotional integration following trauma.  He considers his work a form of performance art, and his approach is best expressed in his quote: “Freedom is not a luxury. Ecstasy is not an indulgence.”

A poet and a musician, Kenneth is also a founding member of Chant Ram, a musical group that leads kirtan, a form of meditation and worship that allows participants to move to open-hearted awareness and self-expression through sound.

Kenneth has led many group tours and experiences, including travels to Peru, Mexico, and Ireland.

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