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This page contains information, including links to advice and updates, for anybody who has booked a tour with us for the 2020 tour season.

For general information and travel briefings you should rely initially on the information published by the World Health Organisation and your own Government and Health Services’ travel advisories. We’ve provided links below to relevant resources that we consider to be useful in this regard.

The COVID-19 pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges worldwide and is forcing governments, businesses and private citizens to change plans and make adjustments at short notice.

The health and safety of our customers and staff is our priority during this crisis. We continue to rely on the advice of

  • the scientists and healthcare professionals who are advising on the worldwide and national responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and
  • national Governments who are implementing those responses

The advice and level of response are changing almost daily and we will monitor these and base our own response on the most up to date information.

  • The Irish Government on 24th March instructed all citizens to stay at home except in very limited and specific circumstances. This instruction will remain in force at least until Easter.

In view of the travel advice and restrictions outlined above we have decided to cancel the first three scheduled tours of the season. If we need to cancel further tours we will communicate in the first instance with customers booked on those tours.

Enhanced Cancellation Policy

We are enhanced our cancellation policy to take account of the concerns of our customers, the general uncertainty about how the pandemic will develop and how our tours might be affected. The Enhanced Cancellation Policy is framed in such a way as to give you as much notice as possible of our intentions. It is, therefore, subject to amendment over the coming weeks until the danger has passed. Please check regularly to see if your tour is likely to be affected.

Effective immediately (March 15th), and until April 12th or later if there are new developments that warrant a change to this policy:

Please note also that it is our intention to resume our tour schedule when the relevant authorities say it is safe to do so.



3rd April. Totals to date are 4,273 confirmed cases with the loss of 120 lives. Current social distancing, isolation and other restrictions are to be reviewed next week following analysis of the effects of current policies on mitigation of the spread of the virus. A decision is expected to be made then on whether to extend the restrictions beyond Easter.

31st March. A total of 3,235 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed up to this evening, and 71 people have lost their lives as a result of contracting the disease.


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Useful links

These links should all open in new tabs on your browser.

World Health Organisation – this is the WHO’s top-level COVID-19 website. There are further useful links here, including travel advice, current worldwide Situation Reports, FAQs and some very useful advice on how to protect yourself against the disease.

Health Service Executive – the HSE is the national authority for public health in Ireland. This page has the very latest information on the situation here, as well as risk assessment and general advice for personal protection.

US Government – this is the US Department of State’s travel advisory page for Ireland. It includes general travel advice and has specific updates about the COVID-19 situation in Ireland. If you wish, you can arrange here to have regular, specific updates sent directly to you.

Canadian Government – this is the Canadian Government’s travel advice for Ireland. It also includes general information and a section dealing with the perceived risk level.

UK Government – this is the UK Government’s travel advice for Ireland. You can subscribe on this page to receive email alerts every time the travel advice for Ireland is updated.