Covid-19 continues to disrupt daily life and has devastated the travel and tourism industry. Notwithstanding the development and rollout of vaccines worldwide, recovery is going to take some time and we are going to have to continue making adjustments to take account of the developing situation. It is clear that there is no possibility of an early recovery in international tourism and so we have decided to cancel all tours that were scheduled to start before June 1st. The tours affected are:

April 14th – 23rd – Victor Johnson

April 25th – May 4th – Cathy Jordan

April 29th – May 8th – Dana Cooper

May 7th – May 16th – Moors and McCumber

May 11th – May 20th – Harmonious Wail

May 19th – May 28th – Moors and McCumber

May 23rd – June 1st – Small Potatoes

May 31st – June 9th – David Francey

All guests on these tours have been offered the option to either

  • transfer to an alternative tour not later than November 2023, or
  • take a full refund of payments to date, less the transaction costs of processing the refunds.

We intend to resume touring as soon as we are advised it is safe to do so but will continue to monitor the situation and will keep customers on later tours informed of any change to the status of their tours.


Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

Tours that we cancel

For any tours that we may cancel in 2021 we will give you the option of either:

  • A refund of all monies you have paid us to date for your tour, less the transaction costs of processing your refund, or
  • A place on an alternative tour with us starting before November 1st, 2023 subject to availability. In this case, we will hold your money on account and credit it towards the cost of a future tour.


Other tours

For all other 2021 tours our Standard Cancellation Policy applies. However, we will not invoice you for any further payments unless and until we are sure that your tour can go ahead. Furthermore, we will make a decision whether to go ahead or cancel your tour not later than 7 weeks before your tour start date.